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In 2006, Stephen McCutchan retired from 38 years of active ministry in the Presbyterian Church. Since then he has focused his writing, both non-fiction and fiction, in developing resources to support clergy. He has also spoken at and led workshops at several national and regional meetings in various denominations.

His Healthy Clergy Make Healthy Congregations series offers nine volumes to address the health needs of clergy. Each volume offers specific actions and strategies for the clergy, congregations, and judicatories to implement. His books address not only physical health but also emotional, family, financial, spiritual, and vocational health needs. 

Believing that society has only a vague image of what it is like to be a pastor in our society, his fiction has been directed at "building respect for clergy one story at a time."  He has written a collection of short stories about clergy life Clergy Tails—Tales and two mystery thriller novels, A Star and a Tear and Blessed Are the Peacemakers. 

All of his publications are available on Amazon and his website, where he blogs twice a week in support of healthy clergy and healthy churches.  

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A Star and a Tear:

A mystery novel exploring the symbiotic relationship of sexuality and spirituality

Availabe at

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