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Stephanie K. Litwin is a retired early childhood educator, children’s librarian and a life long lover of children’s literature. After years of wanting to write children’s books, she finally took the plunge with her first book, Raising Otter.

For most of her life Stephanie lived in Morristown NJ, the home of the Seeing Eye and oldest guide dog school in the world. The streets of Morristown is the classroom for these dogs in training. Becoming a puppy raiser and volunteer was a natural thing for her to do. Shortly after getting her second puppy she decided to create her first children’s book. Raising Otter is based on her experience of raising five puppies and as a 15 year Seeing Eye volunteer tour guide and breeding station worker. About 200 Raising Otter books were sold through the Seeing Eye.

Next came Cosmo Kitty’s Snowy Adventure, which is also based on a true story. Then came Tricycle in the Rain which was originally written and illustrated by her mother. After her mother’s death, she found the illustrations and text. She kept the illustrations and rewrote much of the text while still keeping the tone and rhythm of her mother’s writing.

Stephanie also gives talks, offers online courses and consulting on decluttering and feng shui and is finishing up a non-fiction self-help book on the subject. She is also working on a fun coffee table nature book, Bullfrog Hollow, along with two more children’s books.

As a psychic medium, her in progress children’s books are for parents of highly intuitive children to help parents and their children understand that what they see and feel is okay and safe. Her book, Grammy, are Ghosts Real?, is based on a conversation Stephanie had with her granddaughter. Plus an untitled ABC book explaining words such as angels, ghosts, pixies and spirits.

Stephanie lives on four acres with a pond, in beautiful western Massachusetts with her husband of 40+ years, her rescue dog Lottie, and her two adult children and their families

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Raising Otter

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Tricycle in the Rain

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Cosmo Kitty's Snowy Adventure

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