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He was assigned to the 287th military police company and served as a military policeman (MP) for almost 5 years performing duties such as guarding military and civilian train passengers in route to west Berlin through the dangerous cold war zone of Berlin, Germany.

Other duties included routine patrol, MP Boat Patrol Commander for Wanssee Lake and criminal Investigation Division (CID) on occasion.


Barton retired from the military in March of 1967 and moved back to Santa Barbara, California.

In late March, Barton became a Deputy Sheriff in Santa Barbara County where he served for over 7 years until his early retirement in 1974 due to service-related disability.

He worked in numerous divisions including patrol, detention, and courts both criminal and civil.

Barton then moved to the Channel Islands area of California area and became a licensed Independent Mortgage Broker/Realtor.

His website, is a platform for all readers to explore and purchase books, video trailers, and merchandise written and manufactured by the author.

The website includes a blog and information about the author, providing a comprehensive platform for readers of all ages. You will learn more about Rex “Hawk” Barton and his extraordinary life of adventure on the edge.

Rex Barton is passionate about bringing his stories to life for all to enjoy. He hopes to bring thousands of book sales and media awareness to the multitudes and to bring pleasure in reading and learning to everyone with lots of surprises on each page.

The website has a little something for everyone, regardless of age, experience, intelligence, and beyond. With his books, movies, and merchandise, Barton hopes to bring a feeling of adventure, thrills, truth, and what to look out for in this life.

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In the Eye of the Hawk

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The Mongoose Diaries:

The Hawk Series Book 3

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