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Michael Ebifegha has a long list of credentials. He holds degrees in Physics (M.Sc., Carleton University, Ph.D. University of Toronto, Canada), Geophysics (M.Sc. Geophysics, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria), and Science and Mathematics (B.Ed., University of Toronto). With a certificate in religious studies from the Toronto Catholic School Board, Ebifegha is uniquely equipped to blend science and religion.

Ebifegha worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Toronto for seven years and has published several articles in scientific journals. Prior to these achievements he served as a lecturer at the department of physics, Ahmadu Bello University for five years. His experience includes thirty-two years of service as a certified science, mathematics, and religion instructor at the Toronto District School Board, Canada.

Ebifegha is the author of five books, namely, Farewell to Darwinian Evolution: God’s Creation Patent and Seal, Creation or Evolution? Origin of Species in Light of Science’s Limitations and Historical Records, The Darwinian Delusion: The Scientific Myth of Evolutionism, 4th Origin: Refuting the Myth of Evolutionism and Exposing the Folly of Clergy Letters, and Satan’s Shadow in Abrahamic Religions: Clerics’ defiance of God’s Creation Sabbath Day mandate in celebrating Charles Darwin’s Evolution Day in their places of worship.

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Satan's Shadow in Abrahamic Religions:

Clerics' defiance of God's Creation Sabbath Day mandate in celebrating Charles Darwin's Evolution Day in their places of worship

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