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Michael Durack

Michael Durack has experienced all of the episodes written about in this book. He is a former corporate manager, actor, and writer who tired of the routine in his world and decided to become a foreign English teacher after thirty years in the business world. 

Helping him make this decision was his wife, Yolande Wassenberg, whom he inadvertently had deported shortly after their marriage! He then decided to become an author, producing The Illegal From Holland and the follow-up, Conversations With A Deaf Cat. He has continued writing and teaching with his wife, and has lived and taught in China, Chile, Ethiopia, Germany, Slovakia, Spain and Japan.

Along with his extensive business experience he has also performed in many community theater productions and independent films. A native Chicagoan, he continues to be a rabid Chicago sports fan, despite living in Southern California for many years as well as all over the world.

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The Illegal from Holland

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