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Madge Phindi Dube was born and bred in Newcastle, South Africa during the Apartheid era. She is the fourth born in the family of ten children of the late Benjamin and Beatrice Dube. Even though during these times life was tough but her parents worked hard to have all the ten children educated.

After completing her high school education she pursued a degree in Education. She also hold a diploma in Information Science and in Human Resources Training and Development. She is also the author of The Silhouette of Hope and a Zulu drama book, Lixhoshwa Libhekile.

She spent most of her youth moving from one school to the other with her father who was deployed to work as the headmaster in these schools. Her writing journey was motivated by reading her father's books.


She has worked as a teacher-librarian in several high schools and later was promoted to work as a school library advisor at Ilbembe district which is one of the deep rural areas of KwaZulu Natal. That is where she was able to acquire more information about children who come from poverty stricken families. Her interaction with these children played a major role in the  publication of Deeply Wounded. She retired in 2019 from her position of a School Library Advisor.

She spends most of her time with her sisters in Durban where she now resides. Her confidence to continue writing has been inspired by her siblings.

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Deeply Wounded

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