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John Elverson

Top 3 Most Sale Books of the Month

June 2023

To Serve the Russian Empire.png

John Elverson

This is the self-portrait of one man’s journey through life, schooled at two prestigious boarding schools in St Petersburg. He was chosen as one of two chamber pages to Princess Alix at her wedding to Tsar Nicholas II. Commissioned into the elite Egersky Life Guards Regiment, he paints a vivid picture of regimental life: the officers’ mess on Ruzovskaya Street, guard duty at the Winter Palace and Anichkov Palace, the Peter and Paul Fortress and at the Tsar’s coronation in Moscow, Military manoeuvres at Krasnoe Selo, and life in fashionable St Petersburg. In 1901 he attended the General Staff Academy, graduating in 1904 with the General Leontiev Prize for his thesis on strategy. The scene changes to the Far East where, as a junior staff officer, Boris took part in the war against Japan. After Russia’s defeat, he describes his provincial posting to a divisional HQ in Kiev before being invited to teach tactics at St Petersburg’s General Staff Academy. After obtaining his professoriate, Boris’ destiny is irrevocably changed with the start of the First World War. He describes his career against the backdrop of Russia’s fortunes, from the successful Galician campaign through to the disastrous retreat and eventual stalemate after the Kerensky Offensive and the Bolshevik takeover.

John Sant
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John Sant'Ambrogio

A meteor-like sphere circles the earth affecting, at first, women only causing them to grow more than two feet taller and incredibly strong in a short span of time. The world is in turmoil as people try to cope with this bewildering turn of events. Two loving families, neighbors, face the dilemma in radically different ways, giving rise to the comedy and tragedy of this new human condition. A unique organization, Men, Women Together (MWT), evolves that helps humanity deal with the changes. Unfortunately, TG (Tough Guys) and the underworld are trying to make sure the old ways survive while attempting to destroy MWT with their hope and vision for the future. And the struggle begins.

R. J. Gannaway
Randall Gannaway.png

Dr. R. J. Gannaway

Numbers and their associated symbolism interconnect the Bible in such a way as to prove that God is the sole author, while giving insight into God's minds. They provide continuity from book to book and from Old to New Testaments, and considering that one was written in Hebrew and one in Greek, it is quite amazing that numbers carry consistent meanings throughout both. In Numbers of the Bible, How to Interpret the Mind of God, Dr. Gannaway presents the symbolism attached to the numbers of the Bible and demonstrates how that symbolism evolves from number to number. Dr. Gannaway describes the imagery and provides examples in scripture, revealing techniques for reducing numbers to their simplest forms and for converting the original Hebrew and Greek letters of the Bible into numbers. Dr. Gannaway proves that the symbolism associated with the explicit form of numbers and their equivalent numerical value in words is the same. He also explains why certain numbers appear where they do and describes the added dimension of meaning they bring to the scripture. With an appendix which contains a section on the names of God and their numerical values, examples of symbolism in the Apocrypha, alternative numerical analysis techniques, and a concordance of number usage in the Bible, Numbers of the Bible, How to Interpret the Mind of God is the perfect tool for understanding this often confusing phenomena.


Dr. Randall Gannaway is an award winning author who has been a student of the Bible for over fifty years. He holds a Doctorate in Operations Research from Texas A&M University and teaches classes on the relationship of the Old and New Testaments, Old Testament Messianic prophecies, and Bible symbolism. Dr. Gannaway currently lives with his wife in Dallas, Texas.

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