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Paul Curtis

Top 3 Most Sale Books of the Month

July 2023

Paul Michael Curtis

When Mike Kinnerman realized pocket money worldwide was worth a staggering 35 billion dollars a year, he decided to start an investment company just for kids, and with the help of his father, Richard and genius Harry Schlecker he formed Mike appeared on the hottest TV show in America, which went viral on the internet and kids around the world started queuing at banks to buy shares, just to be part of it. Six months later, the company had 30 billion dollars in the bank.


Mike Kinnerman was 14 years old.


On a warm, sunny October day, Mike and his girlfriend Savannah lay in each others arms on the riverbank. They were smitten. It was a perfect day. Then a helicopter suddenly appeared and hovered over the river towards them. Men with binoculars were watching them. Terrified, they made a run for it, but there was no escape. A thick, heavy net dropped over them and tightened around their bodies like a giant spider, and with a surge of power the helicopter headed due south with Mike and Savannah screaming and clawing at the net high above the ground.


Then they were gone.

Their fate now in the hands of ruthless kidnappers.

Their future unknown......

Jules Morris
Jules Morris.png

Jules Morris

In Melvin's First Adventure, Melvin meets and helps an assortment of new people.

A Delightful Journey of Growth and Discovery: Melvin's First Adventure


Book reviews are often subjective, but when a children's book comes along that effortlessly captures the imagination, touches the heart, and imparts valuable life lessons, it deserves recognition. "Melvin: Melvin's First Adventure" by Jules Morris is precisely such a book, weaving together an enchanting story that will resonate with young readers and their families alike.


In this heartwarming tale, we meet Melvin, a curious and endearing little character who embarks on his first adventure. With expressive illustrations that beautifully bring the story to life, readers are transported into Melvin's world, where they join him on a journey filled with excitement, friendship, and personal growth.


One of the book's greatest strengths is its ability to engage children from start to finish. Jules Morris has a remarkable talent for capturing the attention of young readers through vivid descriptions and a well-paced narrative. Each page invites exploration, and as the story unfolds, readers become fully invested in Melvin's experiences.

ESQ. Raoul D. Revord
Beyond Terror.png

ESQ. Raoul D. Revord

She would be severely beaten and likely killed if she stayed, but certainly killed if she tried to leave. Was it self-defense, or was it murder? To defend his client, one lawyer from Michigan's Upper Peninsula must find the truth in forensic evidence and through a sensational trial, portray to the jury a drama of the life of Jean and John Davis. Revord's Beyond Terror tells readers this gripping story of a battered wife who suddenly is left no choice but to end years of domestic violence by killing her abusive husband.


Attorney David Chartier was spending quality time with his family in their cabin near the Upper Twin Lake when a phone call from a highly distressed woman broke the peace and serenity of that evening. It was Jean Davis, David's longtime client, calling from the Michigan State Police Post where she is being held for her husband's murder. After years of physical and emotional abuse, Jean abruptly realized that her only chance of staying alive was to kill her husband.


So begins David's investigation, examination, gathering and analysis of forensic evidence that will provide a defense for his client. Beyond Terror follows the proceedings of the trial, beginning with David's investigation at the scene until the final verdict from the jury and appellate decision of the Court of Appeals. A shocking and unexpected end to the novel awaits readers.


A trial lawyer for more than 50 years himself, Revord delivers this fictional story- inspired largely on real events-with much precision, capturing the technicalities and the drama involved in criminal proceedings. For more information on Beyond Terror, visit my website -


Raoul D. Revord, Esq. received his bachelor's degree from Michigan State University and a JD from the Michigan State University College of Law. He served as a trial lawyer for in excess of 50 years. Now retired, Revord lives in the Hiawatha National Forest in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Beyond Terror is his first novel.

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