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In the tapestry of my life, I navigated the journey with precision. Acquiring a two-family house and another property in the vibrant 80s, life seemed to be on an upward trajectory. However, the tides turned drastically in the early 90s when a sudden termination from the postal service, after dedicating 11 years, coincided with a severe recession in the northeast.

The repercussions were profound; I bid farewell to both houses and relocated to Georgia. Despite reaching an age where homeownership should be a settled matter, I found myself embracing the role of a renter. Life's unpredictability became my daily companion, each dawn greeted with a resilient spirit to forge ahead.

This narrative barely scratches the surface of my intricate past. Within the pages of my forthcoming book, a chronicle of missteps and resilience unfolds—a guide on what pitfalls to avoid. Regards, Cesspool Jones.



P.S. The Air Force also dismissed me for a misfortune I didn't commit—an unfortunate collision of time and circumstance. In reality, I'm Michael John Murray, born on Valentine's Day in 1957, Hartford, Connecticut. My childhood, adorned with various sports, curtailed my football aspirations due to a lingering injury from junior high. The enduring faith in the Lord stems from surviving over 10 hospitalizations, each instance an accident that defies belief. My dalliance with drugs altered course with marriage and parenthood, heralding a transformative chapter in my life.

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Expect No Help:

The Life and Times Of Jumpin' Jack Flash

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