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Bill McDonald was born in Coffeeville, Mississippi. After his father was killed at Okinawa during World War II, he was raised by his grandparents on a farm nearby.  He is now retired after working 50 years as an engineer/scientist in America’s Apollo Moon landing program and other national defense programs.  During his career he sometimes wrote poetry capturing his feelings and emotions about important events, activities, and circumstances of his life. He has always been an avid reader, and his high school literature teacher taught him to love and appreciate poetry and classical literature. His first book, Walking on a Moonbeam, captures much of his poetry in a single coherent volume that reflects the human desire to explore, learn, and find meaning in life’s journey.  Today he lives in Madison, Alabama where he is a NASA docent at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and continues to write as the moments arise. 

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Walking on a Moonbeam

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