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Viola Mecke
Aging Wisely.png

Top 3 Most Sale Books of the Month

August 2023

Viola B. Mecke Ph. D. ABPP

Growing older brings many thoughts of "I wish I knew that before" This book provides information to help us age as well as possible. Surprisingly, our feelings do not age. Pleasure and contentment interface loneliness, loss, fears and sorrow. At a time when life is thought easier, new problems and situations that are challenging arise. Four stages of aging include the initiation to aging at about fifty years of age, changes in life following retirement, a gradual acceptance of being older, and the final years of eighty-five and older.



My interest in psychology was stimulated by observing the relationships that my six siblings had with our parents. After receiving a doctorate from Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, I have taught and practiced clinical in several universities, ending up at Stanford University School of Medicine. Retirement enlivened an interest in sharing aging experiences as I faced them (now 95 years old). There was little literature on the emotional challenges of aging; we know our emotional life does not age. Feelings become more complex, better understood, and increasingly positive for the person.

Melissa Johnson
Truejoys and stinjas.png

Melissa B. Johnson

Would you like to find the secret treasure of happiness? Meet the Truejoys, a gentle clan of dragons from a magnificent mountain far away, known for their harmonious nature and the glorious hidden gem that gave them radiant peace and joy. As a jealous rival clan of dragons, the Stinjas try to steal the treasure for themselves through scheming and aggression. The Truejoys surprise them with an inspiring transformation that changes everything.


Like people, dragons can be either "gentle giants or stingy monsters." This tale shares the lesson of treating others how you want to be treated to enjoy one of life's most truly precious secrets.

Randall Gannaway
The Treasure.png

Randall Gannaway

Fifteen billion dollars! And not one item has ever been found. Coming to the aid of an old girlfriend, Doctor Shane Randall finds himself caught up in a hunt for the treasure of the Copper Scroll, the strangest of the Dead Sea Scrolls written two thousand years ago and rediscovered in 1952. In doing so, he and a small group of friends are pitted against a secret order employing a psychotic killer, Palestinian terrorists, and Jordanian secret police. 


Their quest takes them to Khirbet Qumran in the Palestinian West Bank, across the Jordan River to Rihab, Jordan, and finally to Jerusalem to the headquarters of the first century Jewish Christians and the nearby tunnels and caves of Mount Zion.


Randall J. Gannaway is an author of both fiction and nonfiction. He received his graduate education from Texas A&M University and training and experience across a spectrum of interests. His fictional works include adventure/thriller and fantasy. His nonfiction books focus on leadership and Bible symbolism. He currently lives with his wife in Dallas, Texas.

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