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Based in Colorado, I  have taught writing and English as a Second Language while also writing poetry most of my adult life. In the 1980s I began reading a book about the Nazca Lines that my husband had. While reading another book on the subject, I realized that both authors kept mentioning Dr. Maria Reiche as their source for both the photos and the scientific data. This led me to become as intrigued with this woman scientist, as I was with the Nazca Lines, and soon I was composing a poem entitled "Maria and the Stars of Nazca." 

After seeing the Nazca Lines myself in 2004, I knew I wanted to expand my poem into a children's book with the help of an artist. The illustrations were created by the talented artist Rodger Osban. My good friend, Dr. Carmen Casís, Professor Emerita of English and American Literature at Regis University, provided the Spanish translation. With their expertise, we were able to put a book together for publication in 2004 with a mini CD that played both the English and Spanish text from my story.

In 2005, this bilingual-audio-picture book won an award for Best in Children's Books and also received a special award for its Contribution to Literacy.  Now, in 2023, it has been republished, but this time with QR codes for audio. It is now for sale on the Lulu website. It can be ordered at Maria and the Stars of Nazca / María y Las Estrellas de Nazca (

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Maria and the Stars of Nazca:

Maria y las Estrellas de Nazca

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