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Adrian Grigore was born on July 8th, 1956 in Humele, Argeș County, Romania. As his father was an Orthodox priest, the Romanian communist authorities had forbidden him to enroll in the Faculty of History and refused his requests to travel abroad. He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics in Bucharest and has been working for the Romanian Seismic Network since 1977. He has published several fiction volumes, including: The Dragons’ Trail, Red Alert, The Last Winter, (both in Romanian and English) and Researcher between the ages. Adrian Grigore thanks God daily for the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989.

Adrian Grigore was born on July 8, 1956 in Humele, Argeș county, Romania. As a child, during the summer vacations, he wandered with his friends through the legendary forests of the Teleorman river, which would inspire him in his later books. Even since childhood, he was very fond of history and wanted to become an archaeologist. Since his father was an Orthodox priest, the communist authorities at that time forbade him to attend the Faculty of History, which was considered by communist ideologues to be an educational institution intended to train the reserve cadres of the communist party.

He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics in Bucharest and, starting from 1977, worked as a specialist in the Romanian Seismic Network. Although his activity was of a technical nature, political discrimination continued. Among other things, he was categorically refused to participate in a very important technical training course for the maintenance and operation of telemetered seismic station networks, organized in Dallas-USA by Teledyne Geotech, the company that produces the seismic equipment he deals within Romania.

 After the political changes in Romania in December 1989, he was finally able to move freely and participated as a guest of Vibrometric Oy from Helsinki-Finland in many expeditions of geophysical investigations of nuclear and mining targets, especially from the Scandinavian countries and from Canada.

However, Adrian Grigore considers that the most outstanding professional achievement remains the Construction and maintenance of a Seismic ARRAY in Bucovina-Romania, in collaboration with - Air Force Technical Application Center (AFTAC) - Patrick Air Force Base- FL, USA. It was a good opportunity for him to travel several times to the USA, especially to Florida, where he made many friends.

Literature was and remains a wonderful world that has attracted Adrian Grigore since childhood. He first wrote the short stories that he displayed on the posters on the walls of the school hallways. His first important novel, Traga Şerpilor (Dragons' Trail), is a historical one and is inspired by the adventures of outlaws from the forests of Teleorman, who were real Romanian cowboys. Although it was written in 1975, the novel could not be published during the communist era, for the same political reasons. It was only in 1998 that the novel was published by the Albatros Publishing House in Bucharest (ISBN 973-24-0508-2) and enjoyed a great appreciation in the Romanian literary press of those times. Currently, this book is in the process of being translated into English to be published in the USA.


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